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Post by Tauriiga on Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:01 pm

This is a Roleplay forum for Fukkoi Sanctuary
This is a place for members to meet and chat about Fukkoi and Fukkoi RP!

🍂  NSFW RP is not allowed here. As history has some graphic events, PG13 RP will be allowed, but please moderate your use of language and avoid topics that may be culturally or personally sensitive.

🍂 Multiple centuries and locations have been provided as starter points for roleplays. New channels may be created. A moderator will review any new channel to ensure that it follows the Fukkoi Sanctuary's rules.

🍂  Do not type in all CAPS in OOC chat. It can come across as yelling. Let's use our indoor voices.

🍂 Front should be easily readable. No neon colors. Please keep text to size 10 or 13.

🍂 Please give other members a chance to reply before you move the roleplay forward.

🍂 Absolutely no god-moding will be tolerated. Members found to misusing anyone's character will first be given a warning, then removed.

🍂  Do not be rude, vulgar, racist, bully, sexist or anything of the sort in chat. Everyone is welcome here.

🍂  Do not argue with the mods. They are doing what I have asked of them. If you find a mod to have behaved unfairly, send Tauriiga a private message on Discord or Deviantart, do not argue with them in the chat.

🍂  Let's have fun, ya'll!!

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